First, signup for a Vonage account and add a voice-enabled number.

After signing into your Vonage APIs dashboard, click Numbers on the left hand side, then Buy Numbers.

Follow the steps provided to purchase a virtual number. Be sure to check the ‘Voice’ feature, if you want a voice-enabled number! We also recommend getting a toll-free number.

Next, navigate to your TextIt workspace settings page by clicking your name at the top right corner, and click the ‘Add Channel’ button.

Scroll down to find the Vonage section.

If this is the first time you’re connecting a Vonage account to your workspace, you’ll be prompted to enter the API key and secret listed on your Vonage account’s settings page.

After adding your account, you’ll connect a phone number. Choose the country from the dropdown to find available numbers. Note that the ‘Pattern’ is optional.

You’re ready to start using your voice-enabled Vonage number! Learn how to add your own audio to outgoing messages here.

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