You can search for contacts based on a query and start them in a flow. This allows you to search for contacts based on specific contact fields already present in your account.

How it Works

First, navigate to the editor of the flow you’d like to start and click the ‘**Start Flow**’ button:

Next, choose ‘**Search for contacts to start**’ from the dropdown menu:

Finally, enter your query. In the example below, we want to start all contacts who are 29 years old. We’ll configure that query as age = 29. Note that ‘**Age**’ is the name of the contact field that is already present and updated in our account. 

In the example above, one contact matches our query. That contact will be started in the flow. 

Recall that if a contact has already entered the flow before, you must check the ‘_Restart contacts who have already entered this flow_’ box to make sure they enter the flow again. You must also check the ‘_Interrupt contacts currently active in flows_’ box to remove contacts from any other flows they have not completed and start them in the new flow. 

See how to compose your query here.

Testing your Queries

You can test your queries by entering the query in the search bar on the ‘Contacts’ page.

In the example below, we’ve searched for tel has 123 which resulted in 1 contact match:

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