In order to delete contacts, they must first be placed in the ‘Archived’ folder in the ‘Contacts’ tab.

You could manually move contacts into the ‘Archived’ folder, but what about many at once? Do this with a flow.

  1. Add any unwanted contacts to a group. For dormant contacts, remember that you can use the handy ‘[Last Seen On](/en/article/using-the-last-seen-on-contact-field-gupje6/)’ contact field to search for contacts who you’ve not interacted with lately and add them to a smart group via a contact search.
  2. Once your group is ready, simply start them in a flow using the ‘Update the Contact’ action which will change their status from ‘Active’ to ‘Archived

In our example below, we’ve created a group of contacts called ‘Dormant’ and added the ‘Update the Contact’ action in a flow that will automatically place all contacts who pass through the flow into the ‘Archived folder:

We’ll then start the flow and select the group ‘Dormant’:

That’s it! All contacts who are started in this flow are now in the ‘Archived’ folder and are ready for deletion. To delete all contacts in the ‘Archived’ folder, just click the ‘Delete All’ button:

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