In rare instances, contacts may abuse your service or send offensive messages. You can manually block individual contacts or update the contact’s Status to “blocked” within a flow.

Manually Block Contacts

Block contacts by navigating to the “Contacts” tab, highlighting the contact by clicking the box to the left of their name, and clicking the “Block” icon. All incoming messages from blocked contacts will be archived and they are removed from groups.

Furthermore, flows will not send to blocked contacts, which is useful for restricting sending to contacts who’ve opted-out from messages.

You may unblock a contact at any time by clicking on the “Blocked” sub-category underneath the “Contacts” header, clicking the box to the left of their name, and clicking the “Unblock” button.

Blocking Contacts in a Flow

If you wish to block contacts who respond with a certain word, like an opt-out keyword or offensive language, you can automate your flow to do this.

In the example below, we’ve built in response rules to identify undesired responses and we update the contact’s status from ‘active’ to ‘blocked’.

Here’s what that ‘Update the Contact’ node looks like:

Blocking a contact means that all of the contact’s incoming messages will be automatically archived. Stopped contacts will be ignored and will not receive outgoing messages, but if they send an incoming message, they will be removed from ‘stopped’ and updated to ‘active’.

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