A contact’s status will affect their group membership and whether they can receive outgoing messages or send incoming messages.

  • Active contacts maintain all of their group memberships and will both receive your outgoing messages and be able to send you incoming messages.
  • Stopped contacts have opted-out from receiving your messages and are removed from all groups. You cannot send them any messages, but they can opt back in by messaging you, changing them to ‘Active’.
  • Blocked [contacts](/en/article/blocking-contacts-6b2mii/) are contacts that will not receive outgoing message and all of their incoming messages are automatically archived. They are removed from all groups. This status is useful for spammy or unwanted behavior.
  • Archived contacts are removed from all groups and will be ignored forever. The difference between ‘Archived’ and ‘Blocked’ contacts is that these archived contacts are ready for deletion. To delete a contact, they must first be placed in the ‘Archived’ folder in the ‘Contacts’ tab. Updating a contact’s status to ‘Archived’ allows you to easily place an entire group in this folder for bulk deletion.

Note that you can easily identify dormant contacts by using the ‘[Last Seen On](/en/article/using-the-last-seen-on-contact-field-gupje6/)’ contact field in a search and then place those contacts in the ‘Archived’ folder via a simple flow. This will help you easily delete groups of contacts that you no longer wish to maintain in your workspace.

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