It is important to note that if you delete any contacts, they _cannot be recovered_. 

To delete a contact, they must first be placed in the ‘Archived’ folder. You can manually delete individual contacts or send an entire group through a flow to update their status to ‘Archived’ for easy bulk deletion.

Manually Delete Contacts

To _permanently_ delete an individual contact, first navigate to the “Contacts” tab in your account:

You’ll see a list of all your contacts on this page. To delete a contact, check the box to the left of their name. Then, click the ‘Archive’ button. This will place the contact in the ‘Archived’ folder:

Next, navigate to the ‘Archived’ Folder and again, check the box to the left of the contact’s name. You can then delete individual contacts.

You’ll be asked if you wish to delete the selected contacts:

You can also delete ALL contacts at once by clicking the ‘Delete All’ button.

You’ll be asked if you’re sure to delete ALL contacts. Remember that contact deletion is FINAL and no deleted contacts cannot be retrieved!

Delete an Entire Group of Contacts

To place multiple contacts in the ‘Archived’ folder for bulk deletion, you’ll need to change their status from ‘Active’ to ‘Archived’, which is easily done in a flow.

  1. Create your contact group. Remember that you can identify dormant contact who haven’t interacted with you lately via the ‘[Last Seen On](/en/article/using-the-last-seen-on-contact-field-gupje6/)’ contact field via a contact search.
  2. Start the group in a flow that contains the ‘Update the Contact’ action that will update their status. All contacts who are started in this flow will automatically be placed in the ‘Archived’ folder and can then be deleted.

Contact Status

Aside from archiving, you can also place a contact in the ‘stopped’ or ‘[blocked](/en/article/blocking-contacts-6b2mii/)’ folders.

Stopped contacts have opted-out from receiving your messages and are removed from all groups. You cannot send them any messages, but they can opt back in by messaging you.

Blocked contacts are contacts that will not receive outgoing message and all of their incoming messages are automatically archived. They are removed from all groups.

Want to easily identify dormant contacts to be deleted? See our guide.

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