To reach this page, first click on the “**Contacts”** tab at the top of your account: 

Next, click the “**Manage Fields”** button:

This will take you to the “**Manage Contact Fields”** page where you can create, update, and delete your contact fields. You can also see which contact fields are “[featured](/en/article/what-is-a-featured-contact-field-10ii68c/)”, and where they are being used within your account. 

Note that you can also see each of the three types of contact fields you’ve created: 

This allows you to easily view and edit your contact fields based on whether they are text, date & time, or numeric. 

Create a New Field

You can create new contact fields via the “**Manage Contact Fields”** page or within a flow using the Update the Contact action. 


First, click the “**Create Field”** button on the “Manage Contact Fields” page:

Then, give your field a name, select the field type, and choose whether you’d like it to be “[featured](/en/article/what-is-a-featured-contact-field-10ii68c/)” on your contact’s page or not:

That’s it!

Within a Flow

To create a new contact field in a flow, you must add an ‘[Update the Contact](/en/article/adding-and-updating-a-contact-field-3hcr72/)’ action:

Then create the new field name and the the variable using @results.[variable_name].

Click “**Ok”** and you’ll see that the new contact field will be updated in the flow:

You can then go into your “**Manage Contact Fields”** page to view that new contact field, its corresponding variable, field type, and where it’s being used: 

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