Note: @contact  inside the Send somebody else a message action refers to the active contact in the run, not the recipient for the message. To reference the details for the recipient, instead start that contact in a flow and use the normal Send message action with @contact .

Place this action at any node in a flow to send a message to someone other than the active contact that reaches that point. For example, this action can be used to: 

  • alert others of a contact’s progress in a flow
  • alert others of a contact’s response to a question in a flow
  • link a contact to a team member capable of continuing the conversation directly from their own phone.

Message Forwarding

The following is an example of a flow configured to forward a contact’s response to a specific question to members of your team:

After the contact receives the initial message (“Thanks for reaching out…”), they’ll reply with their question, comment or concern (handled by the Wait for message action named “QCC”). Next, they’ll pass through a Split by contact field action that will determine whether or not the contact has been assigned a name up to this point. If they haven’t they’ll be directed to a branch that asks for their name and updates it to their “Name” field before placing them in the last node. If they have been assigned a name, they’ll continue on the the last node. To reference the active contact, add the @contact  prefix to the contact variables you’d like to call, e.g.  or @results  to reference variables collected up to that point in the flow.

  • Responses to the initial question are collected by the Wait for message “QCC” action, which saves all responses as the flow variable @results.qcc .
  • By attaching a Send somebody else a message action to a node that follows the Wait for message “QCC” action, we’re able to capture the responses it collects:

In the message above, we use variables to represent the following information about each contact that reaches this step: 

  •  – represents the name of the active contact – the contact who passes through the Send somebody else a message action.
  • @results.qcc  – represents the individual contact’s response to the initial question, collected by the Wait for message “QCC” action.
  • @urns.mailto  – the email associated with the contact.
  •  – the telephone number for the contact.

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