We allow you to set each of your contacts’ language preferences. Once set, these will be the languages in which your contacts receive messages for translated flows.

Contacts Tab

To set a contact’s language preference via the “Contacts” tab:

  1. Navigate to the “Contacts” tab, then click the contact whose language you want to update
  2. Click on the ☰ menu icon and select the “Edit” option.
  3. The Update Contact dialogue will appear. Click the “Language” menu to select a language from the primary and secondary languages you’ve added to your account, then click “Ok.”

Please note:

  1. The default Language contact field, representing preferred language, is visible through the following pathway: navigate to contacts tab > click contact > click ☰ menu icon > select edit. A contacts’ language preference can be referenced using the @contact.language variable, returning its ISO 639-3 standardized nomenclature (Spanish becomes ‘spa’).
  2. You’ll need to translate your flows into each of the secondary languages you’ve added to your account page.

In a Flow

You can set your contacts’ preferred language in your flow using the Update the Contact action. See a detailed guide here.

Using a Contact Import

You can add a column titled ‘Language’ containing the ISO 639-3 language code (e.g. ‘spa’ for Spanish) to a contact import to set your contact’s preferred languages. Note that all additional languages must first be added to your account via your account page.

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