This action is useful to check that your contacts have particular contacts fields completed or not. This avoids having to ask your contacts for the same information repeatedly while ensuring empty contact fields are updated. 

In the example below, we want to see if our contact already has a name saved in their contact information. If they do, we’ll route the contact through Has Name. If there is no existing text in the Name contact field, they will be asked to send their name and we’ll be sure to add an Update the Contact action to save that to our contact’s information.

Here’s how our Split by Contact Field action looks:

We’ve chosen the contact field Name from the dropdown menu of pre-existing fields and chosen has some text as the response rule so that if this field is not empty, the contact will be routed through the Has Name branch of our flow. 

If the field is empty, the contact will be routed through Other and asked for their name, as shown in the example flow above. 

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