Facebook Messenger’s deep links make it easy for people to discover your chat bot. You can place the link anywhere and it will take them directly to your Messenger threads. TextConnet can help you manage those contacts using a trigger to launch a flow of your choice.

Triggering a Flow

Once you set up your link on Facebook, come back to your TextConnect workspace to set your trigger.

  1. Go to your triggers tab at the top
  1. Click Create Trigger
  1. Scroll down to find “start a flow when Facebook refers a contact”
  1. Create your trigger

Do this by choosing a Facebook channel from the drop-down and the flow where you would like the contacts to be started.

You have the option to route contacts in different flows depending on which link was clicked- Referrer ID will help you do that. While setting up your deep link on Facebook, make sure to add a parameter. This parameter can be a word which you will then enter in the Referrer ID bar when creating your trigger.

Finally, you can choose to include or exclude groups.

That’s it! Your deep link trigger is complete.

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