Notice that on a contact’s page, there are 4 different fields shown. In this example, we see “Age”, “Join Date”, “Language”, and “Coupon Received”:

These are contact fields that are “featured”, meaning they will appear at the top of your contact’s individual contact page, reached via the “[**Contacts**](/en/article/introduction-to-contacts-12e6jhu/)**”** tab. 

You can also see featured contact fields on the main contact list page:

Adding or Editing “Featured” Contact Fields

First, click the “Contacts” tab at the top of your account page. 

Next, click the “Manage Fields” button:

Here, you’ll be brought to the “Manage Contact Fields” page:

Here, you’ll notice that some of the contact fields are labeled as “featured”. To change this, simply click on a contact field. In the example below, we’ve chosen “Email”:

To make it “featured”, we simply checked the “Featured field” box. 

Alternatively, you can remove the “featured” label, which will also remove it from the top of your contact’s contact page. 

Here’s what the contact page looks like now that we’ve made “**Email”** featured:

Note that you can feature as many contact fields as you would like, but only fields that are completed for a contact will appear; i.e., if a contact’s email address has not been added, it will not appear as that information is null in the system. 

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