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This guide is for understanding the setup and use of the using the VOIP conference call feature available in the Monster application.   This application supports both Audio and Video Conference calling among users in a company account.

A business user has installed on his or her desktop and wants to

  • Engage in audio and video conference calls with people within his organization from his application.
  • Ensure these calls are tracked in as part of their business phone system.

Before You Start
This guide assumes the following basic setup has already been established

  1. has been downloaded to a local computer and is associated with a business account.  If you are not sure, contact your administrator. 
    Look for the icon shown below in your applications folder and be able to launch it.

  2. A conference call ID has been created by your administrator in the Conferences app and video conferencing is enabled.  If you have already used the conferencing app in Monster UI, these conferences will display, but you will need to enable video conferencing for each existing setup. For more details, refer to the quick reference to how to set this up provided below.

Quick Overview / Steps

  1. Confirm there is a conference ID available in the Conferences tab in
  2. If not, ask your administrator to create one or create one yourself (steps below)
  3. Join your conference!
  4. Adjust settings as needed. Details are provided below.

Detailed Steps

  1. Launch
    You will see your home screen below.
  1. Check for existing Conference Rooms
    If your administrator already has some set up in the conferencing app, you should be able to see them here.
  1. AND/OR Select a Call-in Number if you want to use a phone line Use one of the Call-In Numbers provided in the drop-down menu.
    When prompted enter your Conference ID.
    NOTE: These call-in numbers are defined in the Conference application.
  1. Join your Conference!  
    You will see a screen something like this;  your actual screen layout may be different depending on the layout options available to you.   This version shows a screenshare in one quadrant.
  1. Adjust your settings
    Below is a list describing the basic settings once you join your conference call

Top of Screen

  • Top left, Conference Name and Information
    By clicking on the information bubble you will see the dial-in and conference ID numbers associated with the call.


  • Bandwidth
    This will display the bandwidth speed available from your network.
  • Members / Chat This will allow you to open or hide the Attendees list for your call. Note there is also a tab to toggle to a chat screen.

    •     To enter a chat, use the text field at the bottom of the window and select SEND.

    •     Currently the chat history will only show chats received after you have joined the call. If another caller has added something there before you joined, please request they resend it.

Attendee Settings Menus
When you click on your name (or another person’s name if you have moderator status) in the Attendee menu, you have access to some additional user controls. They are described below.


  • Access to these settings may depend on how your administrator configured your user name. There are three levels of callers: Moderators, Administrators, and Caller. There is a reference grid that outlines the different levels below.
  • You will see that if you are sharing a screen a second version of you will display. These controls are unique to your screen share activity.
  • The red “Halo” around your profile image indicates you are on mute, as does the microphone image crossed out. 

By clicking this icon this attendee will be kicked off the call (available to moderators)

Gives “Floor” access to the attendee.  The person with the “floor” will show the red tag as seen above.

This temporarily turns off the audio to the attendee.

Audio / Video
This is another way to access an attendee’s audio and video. It is handy for a moderator to be able to mute an attendee if he/she is making too much noise and has not muted.

Device Settings
Here you can adjust the settings for audio and visual you want to use on the call. Use the drop-down to select any device that is recognized by your computer settings.
NOTE: Some computers and browsers allow you to disable certain devices. If you do not see a device displayed check your permissions to access devices. 


  • Microphone and Speaker settings
    This will read your default settings for your computer. You can change it for the specific call if you want. Note, if you add a new device, such as a new camera or headset you may need to select the Refresh Device button before it displays as an option.
  • Video Settings Checkbox – Use Video
    If you check this box, it sets “no video” as the default setting for all your calls. You will have to remember to uncheck it with every call if you enable it. If you leave it checked, you can also choose “No Camera” below for the particular call.

 Bottom of Screen

Mute Mic
Mute your own microphone

Mute Video
Mute your Video

If you have the permission to share your screen, when you click on this it will give you options for what to share: It will display both screens and windows within your screen, and a small thumbnail as a preview.   

NOTE: The image above shows a screen share as one of the 4 windows in your layout.  Where a viewer sees the screen share can be managed by any viewer with permissions.

Enables you to toggle your window to cover your entire screen or return to a window view.

If you have permission, you can control how you want the layout to be displayed. There is an overview of what these look like and how they behave at the end of this document.

  • The layout option and icon is only available to users who are assigned Administrator Status in SmartPBX
  • This layout is global; once you choose it it will be seen by all participants.

This shows the duration of your time on the call.

End Call
You will exit the call. Application Updates

Once you have downloaded to your desktop, you will receive automatic application updates.  When this happens you will see a notification asking if you want to restart and launch the update immediately or later.   



How to Add a Conference Room that displays in

Quick Steps:

  1. Navigate to the Monster UI Conferences app
  2. Confirm you are in the correct account
  3. Create a new conference
  4. Assign a conference ID number
  5. SAVE!
  6. The conference will automatically appear in your desktop window

Detailed Steps:

Load the Conference app

 Select Create Conference

 Select Conference Settings
Add a conference name, select an owner name from the user list, and enable the video conferencing using the checkbox.

You MUST Select Enable Video Conferencing for the feature to work correctly.  If you have an existing conference set up, you will need to edit those settings and check the new box. 

  • The PIN numbers will define access to controls for moderators and participants.
  • Add any value to the blank field. This is a legacy field looking for “maximum participants.” It will be removed, but in the interim the system requires a value.

 Review Dial in numbers
These numbers will be displayed as optional dial in numbers for participants who do not have access to the internet.


Return to your desktop.   
Your new conference ID should appear.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I invite others to my conference ID?

Currently the conferencing application in is only available within a single account. If you wish to invite a fellow employee to your conference, you can:

  • Send them the meeting room name for them to navigate to within
  • Provide them with a call-in number and PIN attached to the conference.   Note this is for audio only.

NOTE: This release limits attendees to users within your organization who have downloaded  Once we have thoroughly tested the security requirements for external attendees we will add that option.  

How do I create a conference ID and Meeting Room?
Conference “rooms” and IDs are set up in your Monster UI Conferences application. If your system has already been set up and using the conference call application, any rooms you are a participant in will be available automatically. If you do not have access to this ask your administrator.

Can I share a screen?
Yes!  If you are given moderator access you can use the Share Screen icon at the bottom of your screen to share. You will be asked which screen and/or which application window you wish to share.

Are conference calls added to my call log?
Yes! They will show in your home page log as a conference call.

I’m not seeing chat entries from before I logged in to the call
Currently the software will not populate the chat window with data shared before you logged in. You will need to request someone resend the information.

Can I access the conference app in Monster UI during my call?
Yes! If you have access to the conference app you can also view and monitor the call from there.  Additional options may be available if you are a call owner or moderator.

How do I control the “on hold” music settings?
This is set in Smart PBX.

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