Triggers let you control how or when a flow begins or can allow a contact to join a group. A flow can be triggered by a keyword or missed call and scheduled on a future date.

What if you want a trigger to only act upon members of certain groups or to exclude groups?

First, navigate to the triggers tab.

Here, click the blue ‘Create Trigger’ button at the top left.

You’ll see the list of possible trigger types.

For our example, we’ll choose to create a message keyword that launches a flow.

At the bottom of this trigger’s settings, we see that we can optionally choose to only include certain contact groups or to exclude contact groups.

In our example, we want contacts to send the keyword ‘promo’ that will trigger a Satisfaction Survey flow in order to receive a coupon. We don’t want contacts who’ve already registered for this promo or a group called ‘Segment A’ to be able to participate, so we’ve excluded them.

Only members of these two groups will be excluded from starting the Satisfaction Survey flow- all other contacts who send the keyword will be started in the flow.

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