The Callflows app takes the power of our user- friendly, graphical drag and drop interface and brings it to Monster.

Using the drag and drop UI, you can select from over 50 items in our call handling toolbox, and chain them together to configure every step a call will take to achieve the exact flow you desire. These chains, known as callflows, allow you to manipulate the path a call takes as they traverse various features, menus and call routing settings in the system.

The sky’s the limit on what you can create.  

In the Callflows app, you can:

  • Route calls to menus, ring groups, voicemails, conference bridges, call queues, call recordings and more
  • Manipulate calls by detecting, changing and routing based on Caller ID or number patterns dialed
  • View a visual representation of your call routing strategies
  • Manage all features available in the system and combine them in any way
  • Provide custom call routing for main numbers, support queues, sales numbers and individual users

Callflows Highlights

Visualize Callflows Easily

The Callflows graphical interface allows you to visualize the path calls will take when they reach a phone number in your system. Easily design complex callflows without cumbersome programming or complicated manuals.

Drag and Drop Management

Drag and drop elements into the callflow and move them around as needed to achieve the exact callflow you desire.

Over 50+ Call Handling Actions  

Utilize and chain together over 50 different call handling actions to create the exact path you want callers to take. Ring users, devices, menus, ring groups, overhead paging units, and more. Set up custom routines for specific inbound calls utilizing Pivot or through your own creative routine.

General callflow concepts include:

  • Time of day routing
  • Device & user routing
  • Menus & IVRs
  • Call pickup
  • BLF & presence manipulation
  • Outbound call routing

Multiple Numbers and Extensions

Create callflows that are accessed by one or more numbers
and extensions. Give each callflow a unique name for easy searching and lookup.

Callflows Technical Specifications

Device and User Call Processing

  • Ring an individual device
  • Ring all devices owned by a user
  • Ring a group of devices and/or users
  • Ring devices and/or users with individual delays

Basic Custom Callflows

  • Play Media
  • Ring Group
  • Conference
  • User
  • Voicemail
  • Menu

Advanced Custom Callflows

  • Device
  • Callflow
  • Page Group
  • Missed Call
  • Alert Manual
  • Presence
  • TTS
  • Sleep
  • Language
  • Group Pickup
  • Receive Fax
  • Pivot
  • Collect DTMF
  • DISA
  • Response
  • Conference Service
  • Check Voicemail
  • Fax Boxes
  • Global Carrier
  • Account Carrier
  • Directory  

Time of Day Actions

  • Time of Day
  • Disable Time of Day
  • Enable Time of Day
  • Reset Time of Day

Ring Group Toggle

  • Ring Group
  • Login Ring
  • Group Logout


  • Hot Desk Login
  • Hot Desk Logout
  • Hot Desk Toggle

Do Not Disturb

  • Activate/Deactivate
  • Do Not Disturb Toggle
  • Do Not Disturb

Caller-ID Actions

  • Dynamic CID Prepend
  • Reset Prepend

Call Recording Actions

  • Start/Stop Call Recording

Call Forwarding Actions

  • Enable/Disable Call Forwarding
  • Update Call Forwarding

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