The SmartPBX app makes PBX set-up and management simple by combining all the PBX functionality you need with an intuitive, easy to use interface, providing an ideal user experience.

A simple dashboard provides a quick yet comprehensive overview of system configuration and status. Within this dashboard, you can review total users, devices, and numbers as well as assign a main number, conference numbers and fax box numbers to your account. From the intuitive left-hand navigation, you can quickly and easily set up and manage all available features.

In the SmartPBX app, you can:

  • See an overview of your account
  • Review numbers in use and spare numbers
  • Quickly buy, port and sync numbers as needed
  • View and manage users and user-specific settings such as call forwarding, hot-desking, music-on hold, and find me/follow me
  • Create and manage ring groups
  • Set up customized greetings, office hours and holidays, incoming call handling and the pre-built virtual receptionist
  • View and analyze call logs
  • Manage devices, voicemail boxes & feature codes

SmartPBX Highlights

Any Type of Device

Utilize multiple types of devices and provide single users with multiple devices. SIP devices, smartphones, landlines, softphones, analog ATAs and even fax machines are all supported.

Auto Provisioning

While any SIP device can be used, you can provision Yealink, Polycom and Cisco devices in minutes with our built-in auto-provisioning system. Devices can even be provisioned remotely – all you need is your MAC and IP address, then simply plug-in and reset the device.

Easy Call Logs

Easily view all inbound and outbound calls, diagnose call delivery problems and report call problems with a single click. Every call is tracked and finding a past call is quick when using the search bar or entering a custom date range.

Personal Inbound Phone Numbers

Provide each user with their own direct-dial phone number and an extension – you can even give each user multiple phone numbers and extensions!

Personal Conference Rooms

Every user can have their own conference bridge and unique pin, allowing them to use the conference whenever it is needed – there’s no scheduling required and no more worrying about jumping on a conference line that is already in use.

SmartPBX Technical Specifications

Device Support

  • SIP Device Support
  • Cell Phone/Landline Forwarding
  • Smartphone Integration
  • 2600Hz Mobile Integration
  • Softphone Support
  • Fax ATA Support
  • Analog ATA Support
  • Device Inventory Management

Audio Codec Support

  • G729
  • G711a/G711u
  • GSM
  • G722/G722.1 @ 16khz/32kHz (HD)
  • Siren @48kHz/64kHz (HD+)
  • OPUS
  • Speex @16khz/32khz

Video Codec Support*

  • H261
  • H263
  • H264
  • VP8
    * No transcoding

Caller ID Support

  • Internal Caller ID
  • External Caller ID
  • Emergency 911 Caller ID (per station)

Hold Music

  • Customizable hold music (.mp3 or .wav)
  • Customizable on a per-user basis


  • Individual voicemail boxes for each user
  • Voicemail to email as .mp3 or .wav file
  • Personalized voicemail name and greeting

Audio Encryption

  • ZRTP
  • SRTP

Conference Services

  • Private conference room for each user
  • Main conference number

Incoming Call Handling & Virtual Receptionist

  • Main number configurations by time period
  • Set callflows for open hours, lunch hours, after hours and holidays
  • Built-in Virtual Receptionist
  • Customizable Virtual Receptionist with text to speech greeting option and ability to record or upload greeting
  • Graphical menu configuration tool
  • Callflow options include:
    • Route to Main Menu
    • Route to an individual or group, then main menu if no answer
    • Route to individual or group, then voicemail if no answer

Call Logs

  • Intuitive Call Log tool with search capability
  • Shows history by call
  • Includes success/fail code for each call
  • Includes hang-up cause for each call
  • Tracks call transfers throughout call

User Features

  • Caller-ID number, call forwarding, call recording, hot-desking, voicemails, fax box, conference bridge, find me/follow me, music on-hold, and customized call recording

Fax Services

  • Individual inbound fax mailboxes for each user
  • Faxes delivered as attachment via email

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